Air Conditioner Compressor Drive Unit

RDK4 Air Conditioner Compressor Drive Unit

The RDK4 Air Conditioner Compressor Drive Unit is designed and manufactured to replace an engine or hydraulic driven A/C compressor. This self contained, full function air-conditioning drive unit available in 12, 24 or 48 volt configurations.

The unit has been configured to provide the required capacity for up to a 4kw air conditioning system. This can be in the form of an all in one evaporator/condenser system or a split evaporator/condenser system.

Applications can range from truck sleeper cabs, mobile cranes, mining & earthmoving plant, motorhomes & caravans.

Every component has been designed and manufactured for this application. No major components are off the shelf and they are entirely manufactured for the RDK4 drive unit system.

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RDK4 Air Conditioner Compressor Drive Unit Features & Specifications

  • 11,900 Btu’s of cooling power!
  • 12, 24 & 48 volts
  • Strong steel construction
  • Powder coated & all stainless bolts
  • Electric motor over heat protection
  • Compressor over heat protection
  • Easy Installation
  • Direct drive shaft configuration
  • No servicing (minimal maintenance)
  • Ideal for trucks, machines & motor homes

The unit comprises a high efficiency DC electric motor connected via a direct drive coupling to an optimized rotary vane compressor.

The RDK4 Air Conditioner Compressor Drive Unit has an IP66 rated die cast aluminum electrical enclosure mounted on one end of the unit. The unit also has a thermal overload sensor for the DC motor and a compressor superheat switch. Activation of either will automatically halt the unit. When either or both of the overheat switches return to their operating range, they will automatically reset and do not require reset by the user. The RDK4 requires minimal basic maintenance and enclosure is constructed from 1.9mm zinc plated steel, uses all stainless bolts and is powder coated.

  • Power Consumption @ 12Volt: No load 15A and a max under load 50A
  • Power Consumption @ 24Volt: No load less than 10A and under load 30A
  • Weight: 32 kg (70.5 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 245mm(w) x 264mm (h) x 597mm (l)
    (9.65″ (w) x 10.39″ x 23.5″ (l))


RDK4 Brochure - RDK4 Air Conditioner Compressor Drive Unit Brochure

Air Conditioner Compressor Drive Unit RDK4

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